A Lasagne Love Letter

"What do I want a salad for when we have this?"

As ever, I didn't know whether to be offended or smile at your brusqueness. I probably did both. Mouth full, pointing your fork at my lasagna, sneering good naturedly at the salad offered, which was, in truth, doused with too much balsamic that I later learnt you disliked, you were telling me in your own way not to worry, stop fussing. Relax!

I did anything but relax that day. It was the first meal I was to cook for you, the first time I fed you, our first date. My lasagna is an all day affair whose origins, I am loath to admit, are not completely true to my Neopolitan roots, but are the result of a combination of eating my godmother's egg

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Fork'n Silverware

I don't care if it is called a dessert spoon, I'm not eating my ice
cream with that thing...

I really don't even know what to do with them, save for thrusting into
takeaway containers of Thai or Indian when there just aren't enough
tablespoons to go around. No. Desserts, when I do partake, or breakfast
cereals, yoghurt and fruit, are to be consumed only with teaspoons and I
will absolutely have a tantrum if you provide me otherwise.

Having said that, I am perhaps more fussy with my forks. I have an old
Wiltshire cutlery set I was given by an aunt for my 18th birthday. A
strange gift maybe, but she has given me many long lived kitchen items
in my lifetime for which I am grateful. Th

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Bread is Life

I don't bake. I'll leave that to my sister in law (loaves pictured are all her handiwork) and my godmother, whose recent foray into the art of breadmaking has produced sourdough and ciabatta loaves to rival any extorted for $7 a pop at continental bakeries. She assures me that it is the simplest and most satisfying of pastimes, and has even shared with me her most foolproof of recipes. I am, however, no ordinary fool. At the very mention of "feeding starters", "pre-ferments" and "oven temperatures", my eyes glaze over and I start to daydream about pork...

Truly, anything remotely connected with flour needs to be attached to a
recipe I can memorise and is impossible for me, the serial impro

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